Remote API Reference Generator for Java Enterprise Applications


The aim of the thesis is to develop a remote API reference generator for Java Enterprise applications. Important parts of the work are also UI and UX for the designed web system that display the remote API reference.


The main tasks are:

  • Study and seize REST and WS API based on the specifications JAX-RS and JAX-WS used in Java. Optionally JMS.
  • Get familiar with Apache Maven, especially with development of Maven plugins.
  • Analyze the existing solutions of generating an HTML reference for a remote API.
  • Design an innovative user interface with regard to clarity and simple use, even in a case of large remote interfaces.
  • Develop the remote API reference generator as a Maven plugin. It should be possible to add the plugin to any existing Maven project without any change to the application source code.
  • Compare and evaluate the solution against the existing generators.

The outcome of the thesis will be the remote API reference generator together with a generated remote API reference of an existing system.

Leader: Tomáš Jiříček



University: Czech Technical University in Prague
Type: Diploma Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: B