Research of Fedora Status for Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence gain a lot of popularity lately. Fedora distribution wants to become a distribution of choice for developers who develop applications in this field, and the focus is on Python language. This project is mostly a research and the goal is to identify pain points in Fedora distribution in this new, progressively developed field, and prepare content on the Fedora Developer Portal to help new-comers to begin in this field. Except the research, there are some coding part: one is to prepare an example application from the machine learning field, and others are bringing the missing pieces into the Fedora RPM repositories.


  • Get familiar with modern frameworks in Python for artificial intelligence and machine learning (like TensorFlow)
  • Define an example task that uses machine learning for solving a practical problem
  • Compare the user experience of a developer on Fedora and Ubuntu Linux distributions
  • Suggest improvements in Fedora distribution (like missing libraries or IDE)
  • Deliver some of the most important missing parts
  • Prepare content for Fedora Developer Portal that helps developers to begin with machine learning on this platform

Leader: sustekjakub

Topic: Research of Fedora Status for Machine Learning


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