Synchronization of DNS records between LDAP database and standard compliant DNS server


Aim of this work is to explore various ways how to store and synchronize DNS data in LDAP database (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol DB) and implement proof-of-concept code which synchronizes LDAP database and with a standard comliant DNS server (e.g. BIND version 10).


Work up Domain Name System architecture, work up LDAP Directory Infomation Tree architecture and compare various LDAP schemas for DNS data (e.g. schema from FreeIPA, DLZ, UNINETT, your own proposal [if you want]).

Discuss various aspects of LDAP database schemas, including performance (e.g. impact of database indexing) and manageability (e.g. scattered DNS values mixed with other data vs. sub-tree dedicated for DNS).

If necessary, evaluate data structures for in-memory storage of DNS data (e.g. specialized tree structures).

Investigate interfaces of a standard compliant DNS server (e.g. BIND 10) for synchronization with external databases.

Implement proof-of-concept code for DNS record synchronization between the DNS server and LDAP server for one selected schema.

Evaluate your implementation, its advantages and shortcomings.


Leader: Martin Bašti



University: Brno University of Technology
Type: Diploma Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: E