Web Application for Sharing DevAssistant Assistants


This bachelor’s thesis aims to specify and implement a format for distributing assistants for the DevAssistant application and design and implement a web repository to share assistants in that format with others.


The aim of this thesis is to create a web application for sharing DevAssistant assistants. This application will become part of DevAssistant web page (http://devassistant.org).
The applicaton will have GUI and API that will allow:
* uploading new assistants
* updating assistants and their metadata
* deleting assistants
* tagging assistants with arbitrary tags
* downloading assistants
* rating assistants
* fulltext search
* mallware/spam reporting
* login using existing third party services, primarily Fedora Account System

Leader: Miro Hrončok

Location: Brno


University: Czech Technical University in Prague
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: A