Web editor of MusicXML files


MusicXML is a commonly used w3c open standard for music notation, however the community is missing a open source web based editor for this open format.


The main goal of this thesis is to develop an online music notation editor. Student will get familiar with the process of designing and developing a reactive HTML5 web application, MusicXML format structure and music notation standards.
Project must be licensed under one of the open source licences and it’s source code deployed to GitHub. Progress of the respective work needs to be reported in corresponding issue.

Editor Requirements

  • The online editor need to be able to load a MusicXML file and render it’s content in a standard graphical notation
  • User must be able to modify the MusicXML file in the graphical designer developed as a result of this thesis.

Recommended Reading

  • FAIN, Yakov, Victor RASPUTNIS, Anatole TARTAKOVSKY, Viktor GAMOV a Sharon WILKEY. Enterprise web development: building HTML5 applications : from desktop to mobile. First edition. Sebastopol, California: O’Reilly Media, Inc, 2014, xxviii, 609 pages. ISBN 978-144-9356-811.
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Leader: Tomáš Hudziec



University: Brno University of Technology
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: B