CHIPS: A Service for Collecting, Organizing, Processing, and Sharing Medical Image Data in the Cloud

May 8, 2020

Rudolph Pienaar, Ata Turk, Jorge Bernal-Rusiel, Nicolas Rannou, Daniel Haehn, P. Ellen Grant, Orran Krieger

Web browsers are increasingly used as middleware platforms offering a central access point for service provision. Using backend containerization, RESTful APIs, and distributed computing allows for complex systems to be realized that address the needs of modern compute intense environments. In this paper, we present a web-based medical image data and information management software platform called CHIPS (Cloud Healthcare Image Processing Service). This cloud-based services allows for authenticated and secure retrieval of medical image data from resources typically found in hospitals, organizes and presents information in a modern feed-like interface, provides access to a growing library of plugins that process these data, allows for easy data sharing between users and provides powerful 3D visualization and real-time collaboration. Image processing is orchestrated across additional cloud-based resources using containerization technologies.

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