Red Hat and Boston University Expand Innovative Partnership

Over the next five years, the Red Hat Collaboratory will lead integrated initiatives in open-source development through its commitment to research, education, and technological advancement.

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Our engineers partner with researchers and students at universities worldwide to collaborate on research projects from AI to privacy to heterogenous hardware.

Practical programming of FPGAs in the data center and on the edge

A Greater Boston RIG project

As modern data center workloads become increasingly complex, constrained and critical, mainstream “CPU-centric” computing can no longer keep pace. Future data centers are moving towards a more fluid model, with computation and communication no longer localized to commodity CPUs and routers. Next generation “data-centric” data centers will “compute everywhere,” whether data is stationary (in memory) or on the move (in network). Reconfigurable hardware, in the form of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), are transforming ordinary clouds into massive supercomputers. This project highlights many ways to deploy FPGAs in a data center node, such as traditional back-end accelerators, tightly coupled off-load processors, Smart NICs, Bump-in-the-Wire, and even in the router itself. 

The Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University seeks large, small, and speculative projects for funding and support

The Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University seeks large, small, and speculative projects for funding and support

The Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University has opened a Request for Proposals in support of the launch of the expanded Collaboratory. The Collaboratory seeks to define and demonstrate an open model for large-scale reproducible systems research toward achieving a future of secure, reliable, scalable, self-operating, distributed, heterogeneous compute platforms that stretch from edge devices to cloud datacenters.


Red Hat offers students a unique opportunity to gain real-life working experience working on Red Hat projects and products. Every Red Hat intern works on a project with a goal of getting code into open source, building experience and upstream credibility along the way.

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