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Our engineers partner with researchers and students at universities worldwide to collaborate on research projects from AI to privacy to heterogenous hardware.

Quality Assurance System for Internet of Things Technology

A Brno RIG project

The main goal is to design, implement and verify a framework for quality assurance of products based on the Internet of Things concept. The aim of the framework is to help individual IoT projects to establish an efficient testing and verification strategy of the infrastructure. The proposed framework is based on a model of the IoT infrastructure, composed of methodological part, driven by university team, and a technical part, mainly worked on by Red Hat engineers. The design of the framework aims to be compliant with continuous integration approach emphasizing automation of testing and the quality assurance process.

Red Hat took part in a virtual panel hosted by MIT for students interested in doing research for high tech companies

Red Hat took part in a virtual panel hosted by MIT for students interested in doing research for high tech companies

MIT hosted a virtual panel for graduate students interested in doing research for high tech companies on January 27, 2021 as part of the Institute’s Independent Activities Period. The “PhD Careers in Tech” event, which covered many different fields of graduate study in both sciences and engineering, as well as general entrepreneurship, included panelists from diverse industries who shared key insights, spoke about skills required for success, how to navigate the interview process and how to build career paths in industry.


Red Hat offers students a unique opportunity to gain real-life working experience working on Red Hat projects and products. Every Red Hat intern works on a project with a goal of getting code into open source, building experience and upstream credibility along the way.

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