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PHYSICS: oPtimized HYbrid Space-time servIce Continuum in faaS

An EMEA research project

PHYSICS is a high technology European research project with total funding of about 5ML€ proceeding with a consortium of 14 international partners. The project started in January 2021 and will end in December 2023. The main goal of PHYSICS is to unlock the potential of the Function-as-a-Service(FaaS) paradigm for Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and for application developers. Specifically, it will enable application developers to design, implement and deploy advanced FaaS applications using new functional flow programming tools that leverage proven design patterns and existing libraries of cloud/FaaS components.

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Red Hat offers students a unique opportunity to gain real-life working experience working on Red Hat projects and products. Every Red Hat intern works on a project with a goal of getting code into open source, building experience and upstream credibility along the way.

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