Red Hat Research Quarterly

Red Hat Research Quarterly provides insights into the range of activities that bring universities, government organizations, industry partners together to share outcomes with open source communities. Here you’ll find articles on the latest research topics we are exploring together, views into the approaches and people behind that research, and examples of the impact that combining education with an open source perspective can have.


Kit Murdock—an open source swashbuckler.

Research Red Hat Quarterly 2:2 cover page


Voyage into the open Dataverse: 

James Honaker and Mercè Crosas on the privacy balancing act

Red Hat Research Quarterly 2:3 cover page with Vaclav Matyas


Václav Matyáš: open source cybersecurity and the next generation

Cover of Research Quarterly 2:4 with Kate Saenko


Kate Saenko: minimizing dataset bias in AI


Daniel Gruss—What can we do to improve security and resistance to the Spectres and Meltdowns of the future?


How To Train Your Model: E. Ugur Kaynar’s Research Adds Object Store Caching to Ceph, Speeds Machine Learning.


Rolling your own processor: Ahmed Sanaullah builds an open source toolchain for an FPGA.


Finding Flipper: Newcastle PhDs Georgia Atkinson and Cameron Trotter use deep learning to identify and count marine mammals.


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