Red Hat Research Days

Red Hat Research Days aim to connect researchers with Red Hat engineers, customers, and partners, to move great research ideas into open source communities.

collage of photos from previous Research Days
audience at Research Day Brno 2020

About Red Hat Research Days

Research Day is an event dedicated to Red Hat’s research initiatives. Research Day aims to be a showcase for the research Red Hat supports at various universities and research institutions worldwide.

Research Day made its debut in 2019 as a part of the Red Hat Summit in Boston, US. Following a successful inaugural event in Boston, Research Day expanded to Europe in January 2020  and as we’ve been adapting to the challenges of 2020,  in September 2020, Research Day changed its format and turned into a series of four virtual university-industry conversations. 

In 2021, Research Day is switching its format to short monthly series called Research Days Events.

The goal of the event is to bring together international researchers, Red Hat engineers, industry representatives, customers, partners, and other interested people to share knowledge about the latest research findings, network with research enthusiasts from around the world and learn about moving great research ideas into open source communities.




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