Internship Projects

Project ThothProject Thoth is an artificial intelligence (AI) R&D Red Hat research project as part of the Office of the CTO …brnoin-progress
OpenStack TempestOpenstack Tempest is an upstream set of integration tests to be run against a live OpenStack cluster. Tempest has batteries …brnoin-progress
Kraken for OpenShift/KubernetesIt is indispensable to ensure that a system/service built is able to withstand chaotic conditions as failures are inevitable. Chaos …brnoin-progress
Red Hat InsightsRed Hat Insights is included as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subscription and helps proactively identify and remediate …brnoin-progress
Support of cloud storage (Ceph)Ceph is an open-source software storage platform, implements object storage on a single distributed computer cluster, and provides 3in1 interfaces …brnoin-progress
MariaDB upstream projectMariaDB is an open-source, multi-threaded, relational database management system, released under the GNU Public License (GPL). MariaDB’s lead developer is …brnoin-progress
Semantic & Natural Language Analysis of Open Source CommunitiesCurrent Open Source Software (OSS) communities have many avenues of communication available to them, including mailing lists, chat channels, and …Cali Dolfigreater-bostoncompleted
Generating Smart Release Logs using Machine LearningGlyph uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to understand commit messages. This knowledge can be used for classifying commits …Tushar Sharmagreater-bostoncompleted
Intel SGX: Attestation and Syscall TestsEnarx allows you to run applications in the public cloud with significantly reduced and better quantifiable risk, specifically guarantees about …Nathaniel McCallum, Lily Sturmann, Jyotsna Penumakagreater-bostoncompleted
Friendly FedoraFor students that have never been exposed to Linux, there can be an intimidating learning curve which prevents them from …Mohan Boddu, Gabrielle Changgreater-bostonin-progress
End-End Use Case for AI Enablement InitiativeThe final output of this intern project would be an end to end use case which will work as a …Oindrilla Chatterjee, Rajat Tripathigreater-bostoncompleted
Configuration Files AnalysisRed Hat offers flexible and feature-rich software systems and services. Configuring these systems is a complicated task. For e.g., the …Shrey Anand, Sanket Badhegreater-bostoncompleted
Automated Hardware Benchmarking with Tekton CI/CD PipelinesThe aim of this project is to automate reproducible AI/ML performance benchmarking on a full stack of Red Hat platform. …Selbi Nuryyeva, Diane Feddemagreater-bostoncompleted
Solar Energy Forecasting: End to EndIn this demo/workshop you are instructed in how to complete an end to end machine learning application deployed on OpenShift. …Erik Erlandson, Gage Krumbachgreater-bostoncompleted
Kernel programming and debugging mini-course labsThe Linux® kernel is the main component of a Linux operating system and is the core interface between a computer’s …Jonathan Camerongreater-bostonin-progress
AI/ML/Analytics One StopAlthough a lot of customers know Red Hat for our stable and secure Linux operating system, most are not aware …Beverly Kodhekgreater-bostoncompleted
Packaging Containers for Non-Linux OS’sPodman is a daemonless container engine for developing, managing, and running containers and container images. A container is a normal …Ashley Cuigreater-bostoncompleted
Kebechet User Experience With ThothProject Thoth is a Python project aiming to optimize developers software stacks in order to improve overall run time performance. …Kevin Postlethwaitgreater-bostoncompleted
Ceph Drive Failure PredictionMore than a million terabytes of data is generated every day from sources such as emails, social media platforms, IoT …Karan Chauhangreater-bostoncompleted
A Real time Streaming Video Analytics Stack for the EdgeEdge computing is a process which brings complex computation closer to the location where it is needed, to improve response …Andrew Stoycosgreater-bostonin-progress