Kraken for OpenShift/Kubernetes

It is indispensable to ensure that a system/service built is able to withstand chaotic conditions as failures are inevitable. Chaos engineering helps in boosting confidence in a system’s resilience by “breaking things on purpose.” While it may seem counterintuitive, it is crucial to deliberately inject failures into a complex system like OpenShift/Kubernetes and check whether the system recovers gracefully without any downtime and doesn’t suffer in terms of performance and scalability. Chaos engineering is a discipline to identify potential problems and enhance the system’s resilience.

The intern is a regular member of one of Connected Customer Experience scrum teams where he spends time contributing to project Kraken. The purpose of the project is to collect, process and visualize Telemetry and Insights data from OpenShift 4 clusters.

Expected project outcome: Feedback loop for the OpenShift engineering which they will use to make better data driven decisions.

Red Hat Intern: Samuel Stuchlý


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