Robust LSM-Trees Under Workload Uncertainty

We introduce a new robust tuning paradigm to aid in the design of data systems with uncertain assumptions by modeling the behavior of the system and then utilizing these models in conjunction with techniques in robust optimization. Our approach is demonstrated through tuning a popular log-structured merge-tree based storage engine, RocksDB

Are Adversarial Attacks a Viable Solution to Individual Privacy?

Users of online services today must trust platforms with their personal data. Platforms can choose to enable privacy by default through methods such as differential privacy but the incentives seem to be lacking and trust is still required by the end user. Is there a...

Secured API in Hybrid Cloud

Recently we see many companies that are moving their data from local data centers to public-managed clouds. But with these movements, some questions raise up.

Big Data Stack EU Project: An European Open Source Initiative

The Big Data Stack EU research project aims at providing a complete infrastructure management system, which bases the management and deployment decisions on data from current and past application and infrastructure deployments. It focuses on: