Meet our partners: universities, labs, institutes, and government agencies worldwide. We work with them every day to advance open research and create new opportunities for innovation. We look for deep and long-term relationships with academics, researchers and students, so that we can help make open source a fundamental part of our partners’ culture just as it is our own.


The official logo of Boston University
Official Logo of Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology
The official logo of Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
The official logo of UMass Lowell University
The official logo of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
The official logo of Faculty of Electric Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague
The official logo of Graz University of Technology
The official logo of IDC Herzliya
The official logo of Karlstad University
The official logo of Newcastle University
The official logo of Khoury College of Computer Science, Northeastern University
The official logo of Technion: Israel Institutionalization of Technology
The official logo of The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo
The official logo of University of Massachusetts Amherst
The official logo of University of Žilina


The official logo of Mass Open Cloud

Mass Open Cloud

The Mass Open Cloud is an open research cloud designed for intensive computing and research on cloud operations. Red Hat  supports the cloud with advisors, software, engineers, and interns.

Joint logo of Red Hat and Boston University

Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University

A partnership between Red Hat and Boston University (BU), the Collaboratory began at the beginning of 2017 as an outgrowth of Red Hat‘s multi-year collaboration with Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC).

ChRIS logo

ChRIS Research Integration Service

Boston Children’s Hospital’s first-of-its-kind, open platform for medical imaging research was built with Red Hat technology and with the help of Red Hat’s software engineers. It is one of the projects running on the MOC.

The official logo of Big Data Stack

Big Data Stack EU H2020

This project has architected and implemented a complete real-time, data-oriented environment to test and continuously extend performance and scale. Red Hat continues to help optimize its operations.

Institutes and Labs

Centre for Research On Cryptography and Security

The Centre for Research on Cryptography and Security, Masaryk University lets students gain practical experience with Red Hat advisors on the latest security and crypto technologies such as user and data authentication, secure smartcards, security for IoT, and usable security.

Hariri Institute for Computing

An incubator in a university setting, the Hariri Institute for Computing catalyzes transformative research and training initiatives. Red Hat advises and funds student research marked by collaboration between academia and industry.


The Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications focuses on educating future cybersecurity experts but it is now best known for its research into Meltdown and Spectre. Red Hat partners with IAIK to fund side-channel research and improve the security of open source.

Granting Agencies

NSF logo

National Science Foundation

Horizon 2020 logo

Horizon 2020