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The Automation of Formal Verification (AUFOVER) project responds to the ever-growing need for rapid and high-quality software verification that is carried out within the development life cycle

Brno University of Technology

Red Hat is an official industry partner of FIT VUT and the collaboration runs on multiple levels. Undergraduate students have an opportunity to join Red Hat already during their studies through our internship program, assign for accredited courses taught by experienced engineers from Red Hat. We sponsor PhD students and various projects and activities like a summer school for girls.

Students can work and collaborate on their open source projects in an open source lab directly at the university sponsored by Red Hat.


Red Hat Research at DevConf CZ 2020

Red Hat Research at DevConf CZ 2020

On the weekend 24th - 26th January, the 12th round of the annual, free, Red Hat sponsored community conference DevConf CZ took place right after the first-ever Research Day Europe in Brno at the beautiful campus of the Brno University of Technology Faculty of...

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TitleSummaryResearch Area
CHESS: Cyber-security Excellence Hub in Estonia and South MoraviaThe Cyber-security Excellence Hub in Estonia and South Moravia (CHESS) brings together leading R&I institutions in both regions to build …
Perun: Lightweight Performance Version SystemPerun is an open source light-weight Performance Version System, which works as a wrapper over existing Version Control Systems and in parallel manages performance profiles corresponding to different versions of projects. Moreover, it offers a tool suite suitable for automation of the performance regression test runs, postprocessing of existing profiles or effective interpretation of the results.
DiffKemp: Automatic analysis of semantic differencesThe project aims at creating a tool for automatic analysis of differences in the code between versions of the Linux kernel. The goal is to determine whether the semantics (the effect) of some kernel option, function, or parameter, changed between two kernel versions
AUFOVER: The Automation of Formal VerificationThe goal of the Automation of Formal Verification (AUFOVER) project is to develop automated formal verification tools and integrate them for industrial use. The tools to be developed or improved within the projects are Verification Server, Verification Server Client Application, csmock plug-ins, DIVINE, Symbiotic and Testos. The purpose of the grant is to finish the development of university tools based on formal mathematical methods and their transfer to a commercial environment, including integration with industrial partners’ tools and incorporation of these tools into the commercial processes for software verification.