Perun: Lightweight Performance Version System

Perun is an open source light-weight Performance Version System, which works as a wrapper over projects in Version Control Systems (such as git) and (in parallel) tracks performance profiles (i.e., collection of performance metrics) corresponding to different versions of underlying project. Moreover, it offers a wide tool suite that can be used for automation of the performance regression test runs, postprocessing of resulting profiles (e.g., by creating performance models) or effective interpretation of the results.

Perun is intented to be used in two ways: (1) for a single developer (or a small team) as a complete solution for automating, storing and interpreting performance of project or (2) as a dedicated store for a bigger projects and teams. Its git-like design aims at easy distribution and simple interface makes it a good store of profiles along with the context.

Want to try Perun?

Note that we are no longer maintaining support for Python 3.8, nor do we support Python 3.12
(this is due to some of its dependencies). Perun may work, but we strongly advise to upgrade your
Python to one of the supported version between Python 3.9 and Python 3.11.

You can install Perun from pip as follows:

pip3 install perun-toolsuite

Alternatively you can install Perun from the source code as follows:

git clone
cd perun
make install

These commands install Perun to your system as a runnable python package. You can then run Perun
safely from the command line using the perun command. Run either perun --help or see the cli documentation for more information about running Perun
commands from command line. Note that depending on your OS and the location of Python libraries, you
might require root permissions to install Perun.

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