Intelligent Data Synchronization for Hybrid Clouds

The goal of this project is to design configurable synchronization solutions on a common platform for a wide range of edge computing scenarios relevant to Red Hat. These solutions will be thoroughly validated on a state-of-the-art testbed capable of emulating realistic environments (e.g., smart cities).

Secured API in Hybrid Cloud

Recently we see many companies that are moving their data from local data centers to public-managed clouds. But with these movements, some questions raise up.

Semantic & Natural Language Analysis of Open Source Communities

Current Open Source Software (OSS) communities have many avenues of communication available to them, including mailing lists, chat channels, and forum boards.  Mailing lists have become popular targets for mining sentiment and emotions, as they usually provide a...

Generating Smart Release Logs using Machine Learning

Glyph uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to understand commit messages. This knowledge can be used for classifying commits into categories such as Bug-fixes, Feature additions, Improvements etc. Using Glyph with Kebechet, smart CHANGELOG entries out...

Intel SGX: Attestation and Syscall Tests

Enarx allows you to run applications in the public cloud with significantly reduced and better quantifiable risk, specifically guarantees about workload and data confidentiality and integrity. It uses hardware-based security called “Trust Execution Environments” (or...