Intelligent Data Synchronization for Hybrid Clouds

Data synchronization is a core functionality for hybrid clouds to ensure consistency among diverse, possibly geographically distant computing platforms. This technology plays a key role in many computing environments to keep data synchronized across file systems, mobile devices, databases and security configuration lists. In this context, synchronization services that are reliable and performant can be hugely beneficial to edge computing deployments. Such deployments must support devices with a wide range of computing and communication capabilities, ranging from low-power sensors to powerful smartphone devices.

The goal of this project is to design configurable synchronization solutions on a common platform for a wide range of edge computing scenarios relevant to Red Hat. These solutions will be thoroughly validated on a state-of-the-art testbed capable of emulating realistic environments (e.g., smart cities).

Principal Investigator: David Starobinski
Graduate Student: Şevval Şimşek
Collaborators included Prof. Ari Trachtenberg and Novak Boskov


GitHub Repository for Code


Final Project Report (provided Jan 2023)

This project is supported by the Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University.