Andy Huynh

Andy Huynh is an IBM Fellow and a graduate student at Boston University who is also working with Red Hat. His Red Hat advisor is Josh Berkus. His research interest are in machine learning, data mining, and high performance computing

Robust LSM-Trees Under Workload Uncertainty

We introduce a new robust tuning paradigm to aid in the design of data systems with uncertain assumptions by modeling the behavior of the system and then utilizing these models in conjunction with techniques in robust optimization. Our approach is demonstrated through tuning a popular log-structured merge-tree based storage engine, RocksDB

Lance Galletti

Lance Galletti is a part-time Lecturer and BU alum who is passionate about AI safety, Privacy, and Typed Functional Programming. He is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on everything Operators and is part of the Operator Lifecycle Manager team...

Lucas Ou

Lucas Ou is a Boston University alumni with a major in Mathematics and in Computer Science.His research lies in the field of Computational Learning Theory, in exploring differentiallyprivate learning. He has been working on studying the nature of therelationship...