Red Hat Research brings open cloud, open hardware, open data to DevConf.US

Aug 10, 2022 | Boston University, Featured News, Greater New England, News, UMass Lowell

Red Hat Research is excited to announce our participation in DevConf.US 2022, August 17-20, 2022 in Boston, MA. DevConf.US 2022 is a free, Red Hat-sponsored technology conference for community projects and professional contributors to Free and Open Source technologies. Students and recent graduates are also encouraged to attend; coaching is even available to people new to attending conferences so they can get the most from the experience.

This year’s conference features talks on topics integral to Red Hat Research projects, including hybrid cloud and cloud computing, edge computing, open research, open source education, big data and data science, open hardware, testing and automation, Operate First, and more. 

August 17

Browse our list of Red Hat Research-related presentations at DevConf.US 2022, then register to attend!

  • Workshop: Build AIOps Tools on Operate First (hands-on workshop requires pre-registration)
    Learn how to accelerate your development of AI applications on the hybrid cloud in this workshop with Senior Data Scientist Oindrilla Chatterjee and Software Engineer Aakanksha Duggal.

August 18

August 19

  • Open Data and AI/ML for Storage System Reliability
    Data Scientist Karanraj Chauhan and Yaarit Hatuka introduce the Ceph telemetry dataset and show how they visualize cluster and device trends on dashboards to better analyze disk health and predict disk failure.
  • Open Source Fast Track with Operate First 
    Principal Software Engineer Thorston Schwesig shows how a fully open source community cloud like Operate First can provide infrastructure for open source projects and communities. The Open Source Climate Initiative’s work to build an open data science platform serves as a successful example.

  • GitOps + Podman == FetchIt! 
    Senior Software Engineer in Emerging Technology Sally O’Malley demonstrates the features of FetchIt, a container management tool for small systems that don’t need or can’t handle the resources of Kubernetes.

  • What’s the Latest with Research in Open Source? 
    Technology Advocate Gordon Haff discusses how the virtuous circle of open source research, rooted in academic-industry partnership, is driving innovation in cloud computing, unikernels, FPGAs, data privacy, and more. 

August 20

Don’t forget the party on Friday night at 7:00 PM EDT and the Trivia Contest on Sat at 2:00PM EDT.  Red Hat Research will be there! 

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