D3N: A multi-layer cache for the rest of us

May 8, 2020

Current caching methods for improving the performance of big-data jobs assume high (e.g., full bi-section) bandwidth; however many enterprise data centers and co-location facilities have large network imbalances due to over-subscription and incremental networking upgrades. We describe D3N, a multi-layer cooperative caching architecture that mitigates network imbalances by caching data on the access side of each layer of a hierarchical network topology, adaptively adjusting cache sizes of each layer based on observed workload patterns and network congestion. We have added (and submitted upstream) a 2-layer D3N cache to the Ceph RADOS Gateway; read bandwidth achieves the 5GB/s speed of our SSDs, and we show that it substantially improves big-data job performance while reducing network traffic.

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