Call for Project Ideas (North America Research Interest Group)

Nov 14, 2022 | Greater New England, Internship, News

Are you a Red Hatter with a project idea that needs a little help getting started? Could your project benefit from some intern power?  Red Hat Research (RHR) may be able to help by providing intern and research support to get your idea off the ground or to the next level.  

The RHR North America Research Interest Group (RIG) is currently accepting research project ideas for 2023. Projects that submit ideas before the December 5 RIG meeting will be prioritized,  but we will consider requests beyond that date on a rolling basis.

How to submit a project

  1. We need the following information:
    • Project name
    • Project description
    • Required skills for students who work on the project
    • Preferred skills 
  1. Get the details to us (pick one):
    • Add the project here (make sure you are adding to the 2023 tab)
    • Email Heidi Dempsey, Director of Research and Innovation, Red Hat Research (, and Jennifer Stacy, Senior Project Manager, Red Hat Research (
  1. Join us at the December 5 RIG meeting to share project details.  Anyone with a project idea is welcome to share a five-minute pitch and get feedback from research engineers and other attendees about the project.

Guidance for project ideas

The best project ideas align with RHR’s research areas of focus: AI/ML; cloud systems; hardware and the OS; security, privacy, and cryptography; testing and ops.  Some recent RHR intern projects include:

Unikernel Linux (UKL)

Elastic Secure Infrastructure

The Fedora Website Revamp: Quality of Life for Devs and Users 

Curator Development 

Fedora Raspberry Pi Drivers

Open Source Education

Rekor/Koji Integration

Extending Elastic Secure Infrastructure Capabilities

Operate First Open Source Web Development 

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