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Red Hat associates from Boston, Westford and several other US locations collaborate with New England and Mid-Atlantic researchers on many research projects. In addition to long-standing formal arrangements with Boston University, the Massachusetts Open Cloud, and the University of Massachusetts, we support student and faculty research and open source development work for undergraduates, Master’s and PhD students. We also teach classes, mentor students, deliver technology workshops, and support outreach programs that improve diversity in computer science and engineering.

Greater New England Research Interest Group Meeting [July 2021]

Date: July 13, 2021

Meeting Agenda:

Intern Kernel Project Summaries

Project update #1 EET Testing – Ryan Sullivan (, Boston University student, Red Hat intern; Larry Woodman, Red Hat Advisor   
Describe an EET testing project for Linux memory page reclamation algorithm
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Project update #2 eBPF Loggin Bandwidth Limiter – Ryan Sullivan (, Boston University student, Red Hat intern; Larry Woodman, Red Hat Advisor
Describe a new project that can provide a Site Reliability Engineer with the capability to control the bandwidth consumed by the combined processes running logging as Kubernetes managed containers. This provides the ability to balance the system so that logging does not consume all available disk bandwidth or network bandwidth and inadvertently cause starvation of applications or instability of Kubernetes nodes. Bandwidth limits are provided on a file-descriptor basis.
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Paper Reading Group – Part 3: Discussing research on “Deep learning for self-driving/autonomous cars”Ahmed Sanaullah (20-30 min)
Join us for the third and final pilot session of the paper reading group as we wrap up the first leg of our journey. In this session, we will be emulating one potential way of conducting the (post-pilot) paper reading group. The traditional approach taken in paper reading groups is usually paper-centric/depth-first i.e. going over a single major paper in detail or discussing a number of individual papers one after the other. In contrast, our discussion will be organized in a more topic-centric/breadth-first manner. That is, the goal will be to individually discuss key facets of the topic by pooling together information from multiple papers. 

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Papers discussed today:
Detecting Unexpected Obstacles for Self-Driving Cars: Fusing Deep Learning and Geometric Modeling 
Dynamic Occupancy Grid Prediction for Urban Autonomous Driving: A Deep Learning Approach with Fully Automatic Labeling
DeepPicar: A Low-cost Deep Neural Network-based Autonomous

Engineer in Residence Opportunities Langdon White and Bandan Das (5-10 min)

If you are interested in potentially becoming an EiR at BU – please reach out to Sarah ( and Heidi (

Meeting will be recorded and the recording will be available after the event.

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Red Hat took part in a virtual panel hosted by MIT for students interested in doing research for high tech companies

Red Hat took part in a virtual panel hosted by MIT for students interested in doing research for high tech companies

MIT hosted a virtual panel for graduate students interested in doing research for high tech companies on January 27, 2021 as part of the Institute’s Independent Activities Period. The “PhD Careers in Tech” event, which covered many different fields of graduate study in both sciences and engineering, as well as general entrepreneurship, included panelists from diverse industries who shared key insights, spoke about skills required for success, how to navigate the interview process and how to build career paths in industry.

Affiliated Universities

Boston University

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Northeastern University



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Workflow-Centric Tracing for Cloud ApplicationsWorkflow-centric tracing allows traces (i.e., graphs) of requests’ workflows to be constructed by stitching together trace points with the same request context. Three collaboratory projects focus on improving the observability and diagnosability of Red Hat products using this technique., cloud-ds
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Kariz Cache Prefetching and ManagementKariz is a caching system that works closely with analytic frameworks scheduler to find the best caching policy for the current running application., cloud-ds
PACT: Private Automated Contact Tracingsecurity-privacy-cryptography
Elastic Secure InfrastructureThis project encompasses work in several areas to design, build and evaluate secure bare-metal elastic infrastructure for data centers., , cloud-ds security-privacy-cryptography testing-and-ops
Open Cloud TestbedThe Open Cloud Testbed project will build and support a testbed for research and experimentation into new cloud platforms – the underlying software which provides cloud services to applications. Testbeds such as OCT are critical for enabling research into new cloud technologies – research that requires experiments which potentially change …, , , , , , ai-ml cloud-ds hardware-and-the-os security-privacy-cryptography testing-and-ops
Ceph StorageThis research project is investigating how Ceph compression and erasure coded pools could optimize Prometheus tsdb
Implementing Secure Multi-Party ComputingSecure Multiparty Computation (MPC) is a cryptographic primitive that allows several parties to jointly and privately compute desired functions over secret data. Building and deploying practical MPC applications faces several obstacles, including performance overhead, complicated deployment and setup procedures, and adoption of MPC protocols into modern software stacks. MPC applications …, cloud-ds security-privacy-cryptography
Outfitting QEMU/KVM with Partitioning Hypervisor FunctionalityThis project extends the virtualization capabilities of QEMU and KVM by adding partitioning hypervisor functionality. With this implementation, hardware resources can be exclusively assigned to specific tasks and VMs. Current work supports KVM Isolation IOCTLs to query CPUs to find isolated CPUs.hardware-and-the-os
An Optimizing Operating System: Accelerating Execution With SpeculationTo optimize performance, Automatically Scalable Computation (ASC), a Harvard/BU collaboration attempts to auto-parallelize single threaded workloads, reducing any new effort required from programmers to achieve wall clock speedup. SEUSS takes a different approach by splicing a custom operating system into the backend of a high throughput distributed serverless platform, Apache …, cloud-ds hardware-and-the-os
Kernel Techniques to Optimize Memory Bandwidth with Predictable LatencyRecent processors have started introducing the first mechanism to monitor and control memory bandwidth. Can we use these mechanisms to enable machines to be fully used while ensuring that primary workloads have deterministic performance? This project presents early results from using Intel’s Resource Director Technology and some insight into this …hardware-and-the-os
Unikernel LinuxThis project aims to turn the Linux kernel into a unikernel with the following characteristics: 1) are easily compiled for any application, 2) use battle-tested, production Linux and glibc code, 3) allow the entire upstream Linux developer community to maintain and develop the code, and 4) provide applications normally running …hardware-and-the-os
Code2Vec: Learning code representationsThis project analyzed semantic similarities of learned code embeddings parsed from open source python libraries such as numpy, pandas and sklearn. Still in progress is another analysis that learns code embeddings in a supervised manner with the C++ codebase for performance measurement of program execution in CPU with performance counters …ai-ml
Fuzzing Device Emulation in QEMUHypervisors—the software that allows a computer to simulate multiple virtual computers—form the backbone of cloud computing. Because they are both ubiquitous and essential, they are security-critical applications that make attractive targets for potential attackers., , hardware-and-the-os security-privacy-cryptography testing-and-ops
D3N: A Multi-Layer Cache for Data CentersThis project designs and develops D3N, a novel multi-layer cooperative caching architecture that mitigates network imbalances by caching data on the access side of each layer of hierarchical network topology. A prototype implementation, which incorporates a two-layer cache, is highly-performant (can read cached data at 5GB/s, the maximum speed of …, cloud-ds
Practical programming of FPGAs in the data center and on the edgeFPGAs are now essential components in the data center and on the edge with millions deployed. FPGAs are found in a wide variety of system elements and provide such critical functions as SDN, encryption/decryption, and compression. Yet for nearly all system providers, much less system users, programming these FPGAs is …, , ai-ml cloud-ds hardware-and-the-os
Automatic Configuration of Complex HardwareIn this project, we pursue three goals towards this understanding: 1) identify, via a set of microbenchmarks, application characteristics that will illuminate mappings between hardware register values and their corresponding microbenchmark performance impact, 2) use these mappings to frame NIC configuration as a set of learning problems such that an …hardware-and-the-os
Quest-V, a Partitioning Hypervisor for Latency-Sensitive WorkloadsQuest-V is a separation kernel that partitions services of different criticality levels across separate virtual machines, or sandboxes. Each sandbox encapsulates a subset of machine physical resources that it manages without requiring intervention from a hypervisor. In Quest-V, a hypervisor is only needed to bootstrap the system, recover from certain …hardware-and-the-os
Performance Management for Serverless ComputingServerless computing provides developers the freedom to build and deploy applications without worrying about infrastructure. …cloud-ds