Creating a global open research platform to better understand social sustainability using data from a real-life smart village

Digital twin of the smart village from which the project team will be collecting data.

In this project, a team of BU faculty will team up with Red Hat researchers and with SmartaByar, an organization specializing in Smart Villages, to create a global, open research platform where researchers can collaborate to define a link between well-being and eco-smart cities. To study social sustainability, the researchers’ platform will leverage real-life data from Veberöd, Sweden in a virtual “village”. This enables the researchers to test how different technologies might impact the real village. The unique opportunity of this collaboration is to leverage the strengths of all the cross-sector stakeholders in order to have a global open research platform where all data, findings and studies can be correlated and shared for a better understanding of what smart social sustainability means. The project team will study the available data from Veberöd (a smart village in Sweden), identify a specific use case, and generate a proof of concept from which a smart service will be ultimately developed.

Principal Investigator: Christos Cassandras

Co-PIs: Vasiliki Kalavri, John Liagouris, and Mayank Varia

Red Hat Collaborators: Alexandra Machado, Jim Craig, and Christopher Tate