Practical Programming of FPGAs with Open Source Tools

This project has evolved from the Practical programming of FPGAs in the data center and on the edge project. Please see that project page for the additional details.

BU faculty member Martin Herbordt will work with Red Hat researchers Uli Drepper and Ahmed Sanaullah to create an open source tool for reducing application development effort and turnaround time for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). This will enable both software and hardware developers to easily generate high quality custom hardware on FPGAs using high level languages instead of complex hardware description languages. “The overall goals of this project are to i) realize abstractions that facilitate development of high quality configurations for spatial computing, ii) leverage state-of-the-art techniques for code optimizations in performance oriented compilers, and iii) to do so in a manner that allows concurrent academic and industry efforts, with a well defined path for incorporating innovation from the former into the latter,” the team wrote.

Principal Investigator: Martin Herbordt

Red Hat Collaborators: Uli Drepper and Ahmed Sanaullah

Project Poster

Link to full size poster