Operator Curator is an air-gapped infrastructure consumption analysis tool for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. The curator retrieves infrastructure utilization for the OpenShift Platform using Operator koku-metrics and provides users the ability to query the infrastructure utilization based on period, namespace, and infrastructure parameters. 

Users can generate periodic standard and custom reports on infrastructure utilization, which are optionally delivered through automated emails. Curator also provides APIs to query the information utilization data that is stored in a database in the OpenShift cluster and it can also be used to feed data collected to any infrastructure billing system or business intelligence system. 

Additionally, Curator also provides administrators of the OpenShift cluster the option to back up their cluster infrastructure consumption data to S3-compatible storage. You need to have administrator access to an OpenShift v.4.5+ cluster to deploy Operator Curator. For more information on the prerequisites, please view the Requirements section. Once deployed, all the authorized users and systems will be able to view the infrastructure utilization of OpenShift.

With Operator Curator, 

  • Red Hat OpenShift Platform Administrators can:
    • Know the OpenShift cluster infrastructure utilization for the entire cluster
    • View infrastructure utilization for any individual namespace
    • View aggregated infrastructure utilization for a group of namespaces
    • Notice the infrastructure utilization trend over time
    • Get weekly, daily, and monthly reports for the OpenShift infrastructure utilization
    • Query Curator API to get the latest OpenShift infrastructure utilization
    • Back up the infrastructure utilization data on S3-compatible storage
  • Analysts can:
    • Pass the infrastructure usage data to an internal billing system
    • Export the infrastructure usage data in CSV format to any tool


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