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Europe RIG launched June 3, 2021

Red Hat Research Quarterly

Europe RIG launched June 3, 2021

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Matej Hrušovský

Matej Hrušovský has been with Red Hat for more than eight years, six of which have been spent managing the university program in EMEA. Aside from attracting new talent mainly from universities and schools, the core of Matej’s job is to find and put the right people (from Red Hat and academia) in the same room together.

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Red Hat Research Quarterly

August 2021

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Newcastle University

Red Hat Research’s Brno Research Interest Group (RIG) and the established Red Hat Research Centre at Newcastle University have agreed to join forces and form the Europe RIG. Launched June 3, 2021, the new RIG will combine these long-lasting programs and many smaller ones into a much bigger roundtable to enable greater collaboration and more and better projects. This should result in better allocation of resources and better cross-regional coordination when applying for long-term research projects and grant programs in the European Union. 

Red Hat partnerships with universities in Europe have been around for more than a decade. In Brno, Red Hat’s largest engineering office has benefited from new talents developed at several regional universities for almost fifteen years. The Red Hat Research Centre at Newcastle University, begun in 2010, supports long-term research into future technologies. The new RIG will also support projects on advanced networking at Karlstad University in Sweden, side-channel vulnerabilities at TU Graz in Austria, and other projects throughout Europe. 

In addition to the new Europe RIG, there are RIGs in Israel and in the greater New England area of the US. Researchers and engineers who want to be involved in RIG activities are welcome; visit for more information.


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