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Our engineers partner with researchers and students at universities worldwide to collaborate on research projects from AI to privacy to heterogenous hardware.

CoDes: A co-design research lab to advance specialized hardware projects

Co-design allows creating a development cycle that is similar in efficiency to that of software development. It focuses on building specialized hardware blocks and frameworks which have the capabilities and interfaces needed for software integration. Simultaneously, it also focuses on developing software that is also designed to improve workload efficiency, e.g. Unikernels, and contains appropriate out of the box mechanisms for taking advantage of available specialized hardware. CoDes research lab provides the infrastructure and engineering foundation needed to support co-design based specialized hardware research.

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Future vision: on the internet, technopanic, and the limits of AI


An interview with Walter Scheirer, the Dennis O. Doughty Collegiate Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame and a faculty affiliate of Notre Dame’s Technology Ethics Center. In December 2023, Scheirer published A History of Fake Things on the Internet (Stanford UP)



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Red Hat offers students a unique opportunity to gain real-life working experience working on Red Hat projects and products. Every Red Hat intern works on a project with a goal of getting code into open source, building experience and upstream credibility along the way.

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