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Red Hatters and faculty at our partner universities and institutions often collaborate on the development of course materials related to open source and our core research areas of interest. Here, we make those materials available and invite you to share, re-use, and remix these materials and join in the collaboration.

Advanced Topics of Linux Administration

Course materials are hosted externally.


Faculty of Information Technology

Bruno University of Technology



Brno, Czechia

Every Autumn Semester


13-14 lectures


This course may not be offered at this time, or the offering institution’s registration period may not be open.

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Course Summary

Students attending the course obtain hands-on experience with modern Linux systems. The course starts from the process of selecting a Linux distribution suitable for a certain planned scenario of its usage. Students can choose their distribution freely, and they use it during the entire course. Distributions chosen by the students are installed into a virtual environment that is used in the course without a risk of causing potential problems on a standard network.

Students obtain deeper knowledge in two main areas, namely, storage subsystems and server-side services, as well as in various subsystems closely related to these main main topics of the course. The part of course devoted to storage includes different views on Linux file systems, logical volume management, and encryption of individual partitions.

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