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Red Hatters and faculty at our partner universities and institutions often collaborate on the development of course materials related to open source and our core research areas of interest. Here, we make those materials available and invite you to share, re-use, and remix these materials and join in the collaboration.

Advanced Topics of Linux Administration

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Faculty of Information Technology

Brno University of Technology



Brno, Czech Republic

Every Autumn Semester


13-14 lectures


This course may not be offered at this time, or the offering institution’s registration period may not be open.

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Course Summary

Students attending the course obtain hands-on experience with modern Linux systems. The course starts with the process of selecting a Linux distribution suitable for a certain planned scenario of its usage. Students install a Linux system into a virtual environment that can be safely used for learning and experimenting with system configuration and with an opportunity to quickly reprovision a broken system.

Students obtain a deeper knowledge and practical experience in the broader area of Linux system administration topics covering installation, configuration, management, and security. A part of the course is dedicated to virtualization and later focuses on utilization of Linux containers for running applications. All individual topics are used in a complex scenario focused on a deployment of an application and service using Linux containers at the end of a semester.

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