Firefox OS application

The aim of the bachelor thesis was to design and implement a functional application for Firefox OS mobile operating system to demonstrate the possibilities of its use. There was a possibility to choose the application by my own choice, so I chose the fitness application, which monitors exercising and allows a new user to work out and build a body according to created training programs. The application is primarily designated for individuals who have no experience with working out, do not know how to start, or who do not know enough full-body workouts. It is also designed for those who prefer working out at home rather than at the gym. It allows one to select the tool for working out, according to which the exercises added to training programs are filtered. We might say that in some situations the application can replace a personal trainer, who gives information about how often, and especially, how to exercise correctly. Information is provided in textual as well as in audiovisual form. The application contains tens of demonstrations of different full body workouts for women and men of different age groups. Since there is a huge amount of data, I used the cloud solution to free up mobile phone´s storage space. By taking this step, I managed to provide the user with much information and successfully achieve intended purpose of this application. As a result, the user, without any previous knowledge about exercising, can regularly and effectively work out with fitness tools and own body.


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Date of Completion




Martin Stránský


Matúš Salaj