Contest Projects

Support common “batch job” metricsIt would be nice if Phoebe would be able to add metrics common to batch jobs: when the job last …brnoin-progress
Design and implement a simple UI prototype for Jupyter Notebook workflowsThe goal is to have a UI prototype that allows users to organize Jupyter notebooks (represented just as icons) in …brnoin-progress
Upgrade MicroProfile conference applications to QuarkusIn this assignment, the student will have an opportunity to transform a microprofile-session application used for the widely presented demonstration …brnoin-progress
Finalize macOS support for Qpid Dispatch RouterThere are several failing tests on macOS currently in the CI. These should be trivial test code issues, because the …brnoin-progress
Integrate an external design system with Data Driven FormsData Driven Forms is a open source library for ReactJS, which handles rendering forms and their state management. A user …brnoin-progress