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About the project

Red Hat Summer Camp Brno is an IT camp for high school students to learn more about work culture at Red Hat, Open Source values and modern technologies. It presents an opportunity to learn new skills and gain practical experience in areas like project management, programming, UI/UX design, and essentially everything that’s needed for software project development from whiteboard to release.

During the event students attend short presentations to learn the skills and then apply the knowledge while working in groups to create their own software project from scratch up to presenting a functioning prototype to imaginary investors. To make it even more interesting we encourage the students by posing it as a competition where the outcomes of team projects are scored and the best team wins a prize.

The project is run fully in English and is taking place at the beginning of August.

Past experiences

The first run (2021) has still been purely online experience due to pandemic restriction and we were thankful that the second run (2022) was able to be held live in Red Hat offices in Brno. The second run was a great success, documented by outstanding student day-to-day attendance and very positive feedback.

Blog post about RH Summer Camp Brno 2022

Structure of the Event

To deliver the best and rich content for students, we collaborate with many awesome Red Hatters who not only present and share knowledge, but also help us with organisation of the event and day-to-day tasks. While the exact schedule is still subject to planning and improvement, the list of soft and hard skill presentation topics that the Summer Camp team and collaborators deliver is roughly:

1) Open Source and Red Hat values
2) Diversity of programming languages
3) Creativity workshop
4) Soft skills workshop
5) Project management
6) UX and UI
7) Computer Art
8) Git 
9) CLI
10) Coding in Ruby (beginners and more advanced)

Apart from presentations themselves, the projects that students work on are designed to leverage the learned knowledge and apply gain skills:

-> “Reshake Brno” – a project aimed at utilizing creativity and communication skills
-> “Fix Code” – a bug-hunting challenge to test coding-related skills
-> “Application” – the main part of the Project for which students need to utilize their overall skills

These projects are scored and the best team wins a prize at the end of the camp.

Our team

The core organizer team:

-) Yuliia Kliuchnykova (manager of the project)

-) Juri Solovjov

-) Matus Makovy 

-) Vratislav Bendel 

Main collaborators and presenters (past and present):

Petr Blaho, Adam Ruzicka, Pavel Tisnovsky, Pavla Kratochvilova, Lukas Ruzicka, Radim Kubis, Tanya Tereshchenko, Andrea Hanakova, Dita Stehlikova, Pavel Valena, Piotr Aleszczyk, Frantisek Kust

We are always **looking for volunteers**, both for presentation content as well as helping with the organization and during the event itself.

If you are interested in learning more, joining us or simply helping out, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 🙂