Temperature Component for Silverspoon.io


Design and implement a component for Apache Camel framework, that could be used to read data from a temperature sensor.



Currently, IT Industry is still missing some comprehensive, enterprise ready, and easy-to-use IoT development kit. Silverspoon.io project aims to provide such solution. To accomplish this ultimate goal, basic building blocks, Apache Camel components in this case, needs to be developed.


The main goal of this thesis is to develop an Apache Camel component that could be further used in Silverspoon.io project. This new component is supposed to read data from a temperature sensor connected to an ARM based computer (Raspberry Pi). In this manner the temperature sensor could be further integrated with various external systems.

Student will learn the basics of low-level interfaces of ARM based computers and how to programmatically control them. Furthermore, he will get familiar with general IoT concepts and Silverspoon.io open source project. Student will also study Apache Camel library and learn how to develop new components for Apache Camel.


  • Develop new Apache Camel component leveraging Silverspoon Device API interface to gather values from the temperature sensor.
  • Support for SPI interface needs to be implemented into Silverspoon Device API.
  • Developed Camel components needs to support LM74 Temperature Sensor by Texas Instruments.
  • Source code needs to be deployed to GitHub and progress reported in corresponding GitHub issue.

Recommended Reading

  • IBSEN, Claus a Jonathan ANSTEY. Camel in Action. Greenwich, Conn.: Manning, c2011, xxxi, 516 p. ISBN 1935182366.
  • LM74 | Digital Output | Local Temperature Sensors | Technical documents [online]. [qtd. 2015-04-07]. Available at: http://www.ti.com/product/LM74/technicaldocuments

Leader: Matej Perejda



University: University of Pavel Jozef Safarik
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: C