USB HID monitor

  1. Get acquainted with the USB HID standard, the terminology, descriptors and how to interact with the HID devices from Linux (e.g. libusb, libhid, …). Also learn how to create GUI in Linux (GTK/QT/ …).
  2. Design and implement tool which will allow interaction with the USB HID in the realtime. The tool should allow manipulation of the “outputs” (e.g. set the LEDs), should support manipulation of the “features” and should display the status of input controls in the human readable form (preferably in graphics through GUI). It is supposed that at least the basic set of HID controls will be supported and that the implementation will be extensible to allow easy addition of other HID controls from the standard.
  3. Demonstrate functionality of your implementation. The opensource project should be created and hosted on e.g. github. It is supposed that the created tool will be packaged into Fedora.

Leader: Ondřej Budai



University: Brno University of Technology
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: A