Jeremy Eder

Distinguished Engineer, Red Hat

Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat

A 15+ year tech industry veteran, Jeremy is a Distinguished Engineer within Service Delivery, building Red Hat’s managed service muscle in order to operationalize the vision of OpenShift as a hybrid cloud substrate through building and operating services like Red Hat OpenShift on AWS, OpenShift Dedicated and Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

He is a proven technical leader and intrapreneur, having seeded several significant initiatives that have made their way into Red Hat’s products, services and process. Jeremy was the recipient of Red Hat’s Chairman’s Award and remains a frequent author and presenter. He previously specialized in software performance analysis, and currently works in the managed services space on observability, reliability and other tenets of Site Reliability Engineering.

As a Distinguished Engineer, Jeremy continues to challenge the status quo, pushes his teams to continuously improve, is an active mentor for many engineers, inspires confidence by providing long-term vision and context, and believes that infrastructure should be a dial-tone: Stable, Secure, Performant and Boring.

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