Mark Little

Vice President, Middleware Engineering

Mark Little is Vice President of Middleware Engineering at Red Hat and a visiting Professor at Newcastle University and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Prof. Little leads for the Research Centre based at the Red Hat Newcastle office, adjacent to and partnered with the School of Computing, Newcastle University. The Research Centre has a long history of support and collaboration with Newcastle University, including sponsoring The Centre for Doctoral Training in Cloud Computing for Big Data.

Prof. Little carried out a research PhD in the area of “Object Replication in Distributed Systems” at Newcastle University. This involved categorising the various types of replication protocol, and differentiating between data and object replication. The result was the design and implementation of a suite of replication protocols, each of which could tolerate a different class of failure conditions, offering trade-offs between fault-tolerance and performance. This work was fully integrated into the Arjuna system to provide its high-availability characteristics. He also attained a BSc First Class Joint Honours degree in Physics and Computing Science from Newcastle University.

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