Tomáš Černý

Assistant professor, Software Engineer

Tomas Cerny is a Professor of Computer Science at Baylor University. He leads the cloudhubs research team, who looks to various projects in software engineering, code analysis, security, enterprise application design, and quality assurance.

Dr. Cerny currently leads the NSF funded project is on Software Test Automation and Quality Assurance where the student looks into a set of problems such as code clone detection, code smells or flaw indicators in logs and source code. This project bases on collaboration with Brno Red Hat led by Dr. Tisnovsky and the Red Hat lab at CTU in Prague under the lead of Dr. Bures

Apart from this, Dr. Cerny and his cloudhubs team look into Software Architecture Reconstructions of Distributed Web Applications and develop a tool capable of module fusion based on data model overlap, remote procedure calls, and deployment configuration analysis. Our current work in progress is at GitHub. Software Architecture Reconstruction is critical to system assessment, verification, and analysis from various perspectives.

Dr. Cerny will soon reach the 100 co-authored publications milestone. His works mostly related to code analysis and aspect-oriented programming. Among his awards is the Outstanding Service Award ACM SIGAPP 2018 and 2015 or the 2011 ICPC Joseph S. DeBlasi Outstanding Contribution Award. In the past few years, he chaired multiple conferences, including ACM SAC’20, ACM RACS, or ICITCS.


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