OpenShift-Based High Performance Computing for Research in Astrophysics

The next event in the Red Hat Research Days monthly series will take place on March 31st from 2PM to 3:30PM CEST (8AM EDT, 3PM IDT). In this session, Nikolaos Moraitis, Software Engineer in the Red Hat OpenShift team and Gabriel Szász,  PhD candidate at Masaryk University in Brno will introduce OpenShift-based High-Performance Computing for Research in Astrophysics.

Three researchers from the Faculty of Informatics involved in Red Hat Research were awarded with the 2021 “MUNI Innovation Award”

Masaryk University awarded the 2021 “MUNI Innovation Award” at its Business Research Forum on November 11, 2021. These new awards aim at individual students and employees whose outputs have been successfully implemented in practice, have helped improve products or services or have otherwise contributed to increasing the social relevance of Masaryk University’s research activities.