Automatic Component Metadata Extractor and Consolidator for Continuous Integration

This Master Thesis focuses on the modification of continuous integration practice withinthe Platform team at Red Hat. The result of this thesis is the Metamorph, tool which willmake it possible to unify the continuous integration tools of sub teams under the Platformteam. The theoretical part describes the creation of a continuous integration practice andexplains its benefits. Subsequently, existing CI tools (in the industry) are presented indetail. The following section demonstrates how continuous integration uses the Jenkinstool. This master thesis also contains the particulars of existing internal CI solutions atRed Hat. In the practical part, the design and implementation of tool that was made duringthe creation of this master thesis are introduced. In conclusion, the results are tested byone team at Red Hat and a possible extension is outlined.


Faculty of Information Technology

Date of Completion




Vojnar Tomáš


Rajaiyan Gowrishankar


Kulda Jiří