Graphical Debugger of GPIO Pins

The main aim of this thesis is to implement a graphical debugger for single-board computers (SBC) using a library called Bulldog. The first section of this work describes hardware interfaces typically present on SBCs with the emphasis on Raspberry Pi. The main part of the thesis is dedicated to the debugger itself, including a graphical demonstration of its functionality. The result is a graphical debugger capable of communicating with devices from the Raspberry Pi family. During the implementation of the debugger, we also discover that the library itself required some major modifications. The application is based on the client-server model. Given the underlying library picked for the debugger, the application is written in Java and is publicly released via GitHub as an open source project.


Faculty of Informatics

Date of Completion

spring 2018



Marek Grác


Pavel Macík


Miloslav Žežulka