Clustering of CDI components in SilverWare

The aim of this thesis is to implement service discovery and remote calls between CDI components in the microservice platform SilverWare. These capabilities are implemented utilizing JGroups messaging framework, which supports all modern cloud platforms. Versioning of microservices is another enhancement for service discovery introduced as a part of this thesis. The versioning allows running multiple instances of microservice with the different versions in the same cluster. Injection points can limit microservices that can be injected by specifying version queries. The last improvement for the SilverWare platform is an implementation of different load balancing strategies for remote invocations of microservices. All implemented features are demonstrated in QuickStart that can be deployed to OpenShift or executed locally and developed code is open-sourced and publicly available as part of the SilverWare project.


Faculty of Informatics

Date of Completion

fall 2016



Martin Večeřa


Slavomír Krupa