Real Time Data Processing with Strimzi Project

Container technologies become broadly used in modern times. In prevailing, applications made on the micro-service architecture are rising. This thesis analyzes the design of an application that will process data in real-time. Further, the application will be built using state-of-the-art technologies used by world companies like Netflix, Uber. They are using the systems for real-time data processing such as Apache Kafka, and in recent times they raised it on a higher level by encapsulating this system in the container environment, which guaranteeing effortless scalability. Additionally, using the latest native Kubernetes technologies for processing dozens of data with Quarkus and Strimzi. The problem, which arises, is that these types of real-time data processing systems encapsulated in the containers are especially challenging to test. The main goal of this thesis is a proof-of-concept application based on Strimzi project and also show the designed long term test of the application also known as Marathon, which is the ideal demonstration of user conditions.


Faculty of Information Technology

Date of Completion

spring 2019



Rogalewicz Adam


Jakub Stejskal


Orsák Maroš