Git Reporting Tool

This bachelor thesis is about an implementation of the software tool dedicated for creation and visualization of statistical information files work. It also refers about Git version control system. System Git does not have any functions to display graphical statistics (graph or chart), therefore the output of the changes of the files is available in command line only. Such data, especially in a large amount of specific files, are not easy to analyze without using other existing statistic tools. There are couple of tools available which are capable of getting information of changes in Git, classify the statistics and display the results. The main disadvantage of such tools is a very long time needed to obtain the results. These tools support only very brief statistics and the user interface does not provide sufficient comfort either. The tool elaborated in this paper is offering more effective access to the changes information from Git using the saved data database. This database, compare to a single command line, is offering quick access to all information and timeline while there is only one time demanding operation – setting up the database. User-friendly interface is enabling an easy operation of the tool itself using window based interface. As a result there are various statistics (graphs and charts) which are user-editable. On the top of that the tool is equipped with an approximate estimation of the project work trends (mathematical-statistical method of the least squares).


Faculty of Information Technology

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Vojnar Tomáš


Tišnovský Pavel


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