Testing Open vSwitch and DPDK

The project is about the virtual switch called Open vSwitch and its architecture. It deals with an acceleration of the switch mainly by using Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK). Furthermore, it describes the architecture of the DPDK kit and analyses the individual functional units. Furthermore, it describes the architecture of the DPDK kit, analyses the individual functional units and describes the possibilities of its configuration. Another part of the project describes the methodology chosen for a performance testing of virtual switches. Subsequently, this methodology was used to make a design and environment implementation for fully automatic Open vSwitch s DPDK performance testing with the use of automatic systems such as Koji, Jenkins, Beaker a VSperf. Simultaneously, the tools for automatic comparison of produced results were implemented. The created environment was then used for the performance measurement of several basic Open vSwitch configurations with and without the use of DPDK. The implemented measurements are discussed and evaluated in the project. The final project’s stage provides a great amount of the enlargement and improvement of the implemented tests.


Faculty of Information Technology

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Čejka Rudolf


Okuliar Adam


Šabart Otto