Remote API Web Reference for Java Enterprise Applications

The goal of the thesis is to develop a generic remote API web reference for Java Enterprise applications. Often these JavaEE applications provide REST and WS web services which we want to document in order to make them easily available to the developers.

The work builds on an existing tool JRAPIDoc[1] which currently lacks a good representation of the remote interfaces. Ultimately, JRAPIDoc should provide not only a remote API reference but also the functionality to test and call the listed web services. The main tasks are:

  • Study and seize REST and WS standards in order to capture all the essential aspects in the remote API reference.
  • Get familiar with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite[2] and its remote interfaces for which the student will generate the remote API reference as an example.
  • Learn Angular 4, TypeScript, and enterprise UI framework PatternFly[3].
  • Design an innovative user interface with regard to clarity and simple use, aimed to developers, even in a case of large remote interfaces and build live mockups to iteratively improve the first designs.
  • Compare JRAPIDoc to Swagger[4] in a matter of User Experience.
  • Develop the remote API reference web application based on the technologies listed above.
  • Generate and present the remote API reference for Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite.

The outcome of the thesis will be the remote API reference web application together with a generated remote API reference of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite.


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Ivo Bek

Location: Brno