Research Day: Kernel and Hardware Development

Kernel Techniques to Optimize Memory Bandwidth with Predictable Latency
by Parul Sohal, Boston University
and Richard W.M. Jones, Red Hat

by Ali Raza, Boston University
and Richard W.M. JonesRed Hat

Porting Finite State Automata Traversal from GPU to FPGA: Exploring the Implementation Space
by Marziyeh Nourian, Michela Becchi, North Carolina State University
and Ahmed SannaulahRed Hat

Live Hardware Development at UCSC
by Jose Renau, University of California, Santa
Cruz | CROSS

and Karsten WadeRed Hat

Research Day: Distributed Workflows

Learning from Biased and Small Datasets
by Kate Saenko, Boston University
and Sherard GriffinRed Hat

Sharing and Replicability of Notebook-Based Research on Open Testbeds
by Jason Anderson, University of Chicago
and Juana NakfourRed Hat

Enabling Rapid, Reproducible Experimentation with Popper Container-Native Workflows
by Ivo JimenezCarlos Maltzahn, University of California, Santa Cruz | CROSS
and Chris Wright, Red Hat

FABRIC: Adaptive Programmable Research Infrastructure for Computer Science and Science Applications
by Ilya Baldin, University of North Carolina RENCI
and Jiří Benc, Red Hat

Research Day: Privacy

Dataverse and OpenDP: Tools for Privacy-Protective Analysis in the Cloud
by Mercè Crosas, Harvard University, James Honaker, Harvard University, Facebook
and Chris Wright, Red Hat

Differential Privacy: Algorithms for Privacy-Conscious Customers and Users
by Adam Smith, Boston University
and Mike BursellRed Hat

Building and Deploying a Privacy Preserving Data Analysis Platform
by Frederick Jansen, Boston University
and Jayashree Ramanathan, Red Hat

Research Day: Infrastructure Software

Efficient Fuzzing with Neural Program Smoothing
by Baishakhi Ray, Columbia University
and Bandan Das, Red Hat

Using Elastic Secure Infrastructure: Why and How?
by Sahil Tikale, Boston University, Apoorve Mohan, Northeastern University
and William HenryRed Hat

Optimal Scheduling of Parallelizable Jobs in Multicore Systems to Minimize Average Latency
by Benjamin Berg, Mor Harchol-Balter, Carnegie Mellon University
and Bill Gray, Douglas Shakshober, Red Hat

High-Performance Certified Trust for Cloud-Scale Enclaves
by Richard Habeeb, Zhong Shao, Hao Chen, Yale University
and Nathaniel McCallum, Red Hat