Develop an IoT Application Runtime

The main goal of this topic is to develop a runtime for 3rd party applications to be used on Single Board Computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi). Student will get familiar with Single Board Computers and how to develop applications interacting with outside world. Furthermore, student will learn about developing Docker containers and the concept of Internet of Things.

Platform Requirements

  • Runtime must run as a docker container and re-use Bulldog Library at its core (to remain platform independent).
  • Runtime must expose some communication channel (e.g. sockets, API, etc. ) which other applications could use, regardless of the language/framework they are written in.
  • Project needs to be deployed to Github.
  • Student also needs to investigate possibility of running in a privileged mode in order to communicate directly with device memory.

Recommended Reading

  • NICKOLOFF, Jeff a Deepak VOHRA. Docker in Action. Manning Publications, 2016. ISBN 1633430235.
  • MOLLOY, Derek. Exploring raspberry PI. Indianapolis, IN: John Wiley and Sons, 2016. ISBN 978-111-9188-681.

Leader: Adam Paulík



University: Czech Technical University in Prague
Type: Bachelor Thesis
Date of Defence:
Grade: C