Kids Coding Academy (KiCo) 5th round in Brno

Feb 28, 2020 | Europe, News

On Friday 28, the 5th round of Kids Coding Academy (KiCo) hosted 20 children from primary school Lipůvka. Even though the program is usually intended for pupils from 4th or 5th grade of primary school, but this time we welcomed the youngest “KiCo students” so far – pupils from 3rd grade. 

The session began with a brief introduction and explanation of who is a programmer followed by a burning question: What does the programmer actually do? It‘s not a surprise that kids can be very creative with their answers. The main part of the program was dedicated to playing with ozobots, experimenting with coding while playing an online game, Code Combat, and the new activity – which has become popular immediately – is about making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. All you need is a couple of slices of bread, jelly, peanut butter and one dedicated person pretending that is a “dumb” computer ready to listen to kids instructions. This way kids can easily understand that the computer simply does exactly what it is told.

Their enthusiasm was contagious, as the feedback from their teacher Ms. Simonová can testify: “I think all of us enjoyed the program which brought a lot of interesting experiences and discoveries. The program was drawn up perfectly and every minute was effectively used.”

A big “thank you” belongs to the amazing group of volunteers from the Red Hat Brno office, who make the KiCo initiative possible.

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