Red Hat joins Karlstad’s University DRIVE project for optimized low-latency mobile services

Dec 13, 2022 | Europe, News

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Red Hat Research is pleased to announce its partnership supporting the DRIVE project (data-driven latency-sensitive mobile services for a digitalized society). Karlstad University (Sweden) was awarded 48 million SEK by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation (KK) for the DRIVE project, which will run for eight years. DRIVE counts seven Swedish industry partners with complementary expertise, such as Ericsson, Telia, Icomera, Mullvad, Varnish, and TietoEvry.

The DRIVE project is one of many initiatives in Red Hat Research’s long-standing collaborative relationship with Karlstad University. Other projects include research on eBPF and security in the Linux kernel and programmable networking powered by Linux.

Delay-sensitive mobile services for 5G and 6G networks

Communication technology is one of the critical enablers in finding smart and effective solutions to challenges in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, education, and more. Mobile communication, such as 5G and data-driven services, play an essential role. While mobile networks and their services already accelerate digitization in several areas of society, they must be more adaptable than ever to deliver a myriad of new services. 

DRIVE contributes to this development by investigating secure, delay-sensitive mobile services for upcoming releases of 5G and future 6G networks. DRIVE is expected to broaden research into new research areas with a major impact on current challenges in research and industry, such as:

  • The development of completely autonomously orchestrated networks, where computer-controlled artificial intelligence and machine learning build on previous experiences
  • The need for network observability 
  • The trend toward programmable, disaggregated networks

Red Hat Research will take part in supporting activities in all areas mentioned above, focusing on observable and programmable disaggregated networks while learning and contributing to use cases from the industry partner ecosystem around DRIVE.

Participating in the DRIVE project offers Red Hat engineers the opportunity to network with other local industries in Sweden, develop their competence, and take part in the other partners’ use cases and challenges. The chance to work and experiment directly with the 5G testbed deployed by Ericsson and Telia, including experimenting with 5G telco edge and cloud services performance, is especially exciting. As the market leader in enterprise open source solutions, Red Hat also has a lot to share, including broad expertise in software development and an open source mindset. 

Red Hatters interested in participating in the project or others seeking to learn more can follow these links:

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