Christina Xu

Data Science / Software Engineering Intern

Christina is a Data Science/Software Engineering Intern with Red Hat Research. She graduated from Boston University with a BA in Statistics in August 2023.

Over summer 2023, she led Ask Project Nexodus Docs, an exploratory research project that leveraged LLMs for question-answering to improve the customer and engineer troubleshooting experience for Project Nexodus documentation. She experimented with extractive, abstractive, and generative question-answering strategies, as well as fine-tuning a flan-t5-base model with LoRA (Low Rank Approximation), with the goal of understanding the capabilities and limitations of LLMs. For her final deliverable, she developed a web application via Streamlit to automate the process of having a user input a question and the selected strategy output an answer.

Additionally, she contributed to Project Aspen, which aims to enable open source stakeholders and participants to make data-driven community and business decisions by measuring the health of open source projects. She implemented and developed metrics to better understand the risk to a project should the most active people leave.

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Christina’s final intern presentation, “Ask Project Nexodus Docs/Project Aspen”

Slides “Ask Project Nexodus Docs/Project Aspen”

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