DiVinE: Parallel Distributed Model Checker

March 3, 2020

Model checking became a standard method of analyzing complex systems in many application domains. No doubt, a number of applications is placing great demands on model checking tools. The process of analysis of complex and real-life systems often requires vast computation resources, memory in particular. This phenomenon, referred to as the state space explosion problem, has been tackled by many researchers during the past two decades. A plethora of more or less successful techniques to fight the problem have been introduced, including parallel and distributed-memory processing. DiVinE is a tool for LTL model checking and reach ability analysis of discrete distributed systems. The tool is able to efficiently exploit the aggregate computing power of multiple network-interconnected multi-cored workstations in order to deal with extremely large verification tasks. As such it allows to analyze systems whose size is far beyond the size of systems that can be handled with regular sequential tools. While the main focus of the tool is on high-performance explicit state model checking, an emphasis is also put on ease of deployment and usage. Additionally, the component architecture and publicly available source code of Divine allow for its usage as a platform for research on parallel and distributed-memory model checking techniques.

Authors: Jiří BarnatLuboš BrimMilan Češka, and Petr Ročkai

Project: DIVINE4

Published in: Parallel and Distributed Methods in Verification and High Performance Computational Systems Biology, 2010, 4–7.

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